About Us

Yurizk is the leading U.S. based online source of global Islamic Finance education information for the stakeholders in Islamic Finance industry. Focused on facilitating human capital development for Islamic Economic sectors, Yurizk has contributed the following since its inception:

2012: Launched Yurizk Directory – the first online directory of Islamic Finance education providers that houses the largest database of Islamic Finance education and training related information.

2013: Released ‘Global Islamic Finance Education Report 2013’ – the first of its kind report on global Islamic Finance education that revealed the latest comprehensive intelligence in education sector of Islamic Finance.

2014: Launched ‘Yurizk’s Business Leadership Coaching 2014’ – the first online entrepreneurship development program for facilitating entrepreneurship and niche leadership in Islamic Finance and Halal industries.

2015: Launched ‘Yurizk Academy’ – the first crowd-learning platform for Islamic Finance and Islamic Economy.

2015: Launched ‘IECON TV’ – the First crowd based online TV for Islamic Finance and halal sectors

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Founder & CEO: Sadia Karim (Connect with Sadia on LinkedIn)

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